We’re not just here to change how care is managed.
We’re here to change lives for the better.

2×2 Health is a team of clinical experts & expert caregivers.

We are healthcare professionals, clinicians, and family members who take the health and wellness seriously for the lives we touch. Our highly trained experts have comprehensive clinical and caregiving backgrounds. It takes a deep understanding of the science, emotions and relationships of caregiving to provide a premier patient-centered experience. We are genuinely here for you and honored to partner with you and your family.

Our team consists of nurses, physicians, therapists, gerontologists, social workers, dieticians, and pharmacists. Our backgrounds span academic and community hospitals, outpatient clinical settings, physical rehab, family and senior practices, intensive and critical care units, special needs individuals, and emergency medicine. Our decades of experience, professionalism and dedication to our work helps bring better outcomes.  

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Meet Beth

Beth Myers is a nurse care coordinator passionate about helping individuals on their health care journey.

She founded 2×2 Health because she saw patients and families frustrated, not knowing where to turn or how to navigate the complicated healthcare system. 2×2 Health was born out of a desire helping patients team with their physicians to navigate the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Meet Wendy

Wendy Benson is an occupational therapist and health care executive who cares deeply about enhancing the health, well-being, and lives of others.

She joined 2×2 Health to further develop and grow the services so that even more individuals and their families can be well informed, supported, and empowered. At 2×2 Health, we inspire confidence, navigate complexity, and provide care in a genuinely compassionate manner.


Before founding 2×2 Health, Beth served as risk manager for Rush University Medical Center and spent nearly 15 years in various clinical, research and patient safety roles, including past president of the nursing staff, transplant coordinator, outpatient transplant clinical nurse manager and performance improvement consultant. She also served as a pediatric intensive care unit critical care nurse and worked as a bariatric nurse coordinator.

Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Illinois State University-Mennonite College of Nursing. She is co-founder and secretary of Abby’s Army Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that supports children and their families battling life-threatening illnesses. Beth is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the Woman’s Board of Rush University Medical Center, and The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. Beth is also a board member of the Center for Law and Social Work.

Beth resides in Chicago with her husband and two children. She is excited to partner with individuals, families, and their medical teams so that informed decisions can be made with expertise, support, and peace of mind.

Wendy leads by example in our goal to inspire navigate complexity, and provide care in a genuinely compassionate manner. She believes in bringing the best people together to achieve the very best outcomes in the lives we touch.

She received her Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University. As an occupational therapist, she worked in several states for a number of years in both inpatient and outpatient settings with children and adults who had significant neurological, orthopedic, pulmonary, and cardiac impairments. After earning her MBA, Wendy has served in various healthcare leadership positions in Florida and Illinois where she successfully managed the day to day operations of several service lines and had the direct responsibility for over twenty-five hospital and outpatient based services and departments.

Wendy has over two decades of experience from both the administrative and clinical perspective and has extensive knowledge in clinical, financial, strategic planning, and organizational management. Wendy also enjoys mentoring emerging healthcare leaders and is a faculty member of the Master of Science in Health Systems Management Program at Rush University where she serves as a Faculty Advisor and on the Admissions Committee. She serves on the boards for both the Center for Law and Social Work and Friends Of Blaine.

Wendy, her husband, and two daughters live in Chicago. A people person, she is passionate about quality, compassionate healthcare and values inclusivity and collaboration both personally and professionally.

Meet the rest of our team


Alexandra (Alex) has a wide range of healthcare experiences and is a nurse who is passionate about educating her patients and their family members. At 2×2 Health, our clients value the opportunity to work with and partner with her as she consistently dedicates individualized attention and time to every person she connects with.


Ann is an experienced, talented nurse who has spent decades in various clinical healthcare areas. She has a truly comprehensive perspective when caring for her patients and mentoring health care professionals and is consistently viewed as a resource by her peers.  

Beth S.

Beth connects well with clients of all ages and brings a wide range of experiences to her daily interactions with those she supports clinically.  An empathetic person by nature, Beth is deeply invested in her patients and their paths to recovery.    


Brandy is a positive role model for nurses and healthcare leaders alike. She is a compassionate nurse and leader, an advisor and a confidant for many within the field of healthcare and beyond.  She also volunteers for a number of organizations for young athletes.


Brittany leads by example by insisting on and consistently maintaining patient centered care. Both clinically as a nurse and personally as an intellectual, empathetic ambassador, Brittany proactively assists wherever and whenever she is needed, she is an incredibly valuable nurse on our team.


A true people person, Christina selected the nursing field because she loves science and is passionate about helping people achieve improved health. Christina is highly respected and consistently received praise from her patients as well as her medical team colleagues.


Working with pediatrics as well as adults, Denise is a seasoned nurse who is extremely personable with patients, their family members, and medical team members alike. Denise has the unique ability to handle critical situations in a calm and professional manner with exemplary communication skills.  


Eileen is a seasoned nursing professional with experience in academic healthcare. She has worked directly with patients, led teams both clinically and as an operations/healthcare design consultant. She is a talented, personable nurse with extensive experience in multiple specialties.


Elaina consistently exhibits warmth and confidence to all those she comes in contact with. Elaina is highly organized and works well with patients of different ages, medical conditions, and prioritizes assessing and meeting each patient’s health priorities.


Gina is a talented, personable nurse with extensive experience in multiple specialties. Gina loves working with patients of all ages and truly cares and connects with each person she interacts with.  Gina puts her heart into everything she does and is a true nurse leader.

Jessica W.

Jessica is known for connecting seamlessly with patients regardless of their age and medical situation. Jessica has a variety of experiences working in various levels of care in the inpatient hospital environment as well as in multiple roles outside the walls of the hospital, helping others in their home.

Jessica K.

Jessica is a patient focused nurse with excellent critical thinking skills and exemplary interpersonal communication skills. Her experience in a variety of patient care environments from early in her nursing career has enhanced those skills associated with complex patient conditions.


Lauren is a talented nurse who makes a connection with each person she interacts with. She is especially adept at establishing rapport with everyone on the healthcare team and partners with clients to assist with patients’ understanding of the disease process and provide support, guidance, and reassurance. 


Known as a leader and a clinician who consistently connects with her patients, Morgan is a true leader in the field of nursing.  Morgan is a versatile, multi-talented nurse who has vast experience in working closely with patients of all ages and diagnoses.


Ofelia provides comprehensive care and has experience supporting patients with multiple needs and priorities. Ofelia is a nurse who sees beyond the medical and surgical needs of her patients to assess the entire person, not simply their medical condition, where he or she is at that moment.


Sheila has a comprehensive nursing background with both inpatient and outpatient environments. She is a true leader, both clinically as a nurse and personally as an empathetic, knowledgeable and genuine person.  

Kristen N.


Kristen is part of the team of registered dietitians at 2×2 Health, and specializes in helping patients manage chronic disease and achieving a healthy weight by optimizing nutritional intervention. She also helps patients who have different dietary needs such as low-functioning GI tracks.

Kim N.


Kim is a member of the 2×2 Health team of registered dietitians. She helps clients manage their weight and achieve their nutritional goals through food and nutrition science. She specializes in obesity and weight management and dedicates her time to medical nutrition therapy.

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